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Welcome to my new blog!! All about my journey and adventure in tiny and self-sufficient living.

Why ‘Dream Big Dream Tiny’? Well, because I have a big dream. To lead a more sustainable life, but in a smaller house, a much smaller house. It sounds simple, but when you actually start to think about what is involved there is a lot to think about.But the benefits for me far outweigh the complexities. A larger property means more cost, heating, lighting, more rooms to maintain, more cleaning, generally ending up with far more ‘stuff’ to clutter and organise, more things that can possibly go wrong with it.

My first house was a little terraced miners cottage, 2 up 2 down, wonky walls, open fireplaces, full of character, roughly 60m2 but with the arrival of child number 1 we felt we had ‘grown out’ of it. It was a lovely little house and I really miss it. We moved right at the peak of the housing market in the UK, and bought an ex local authority 3 bed semi. A big characterless box, with lots of space and a big garden, and living space of some 116m2, pretty much double the size!! I never really liked the house, we bought in a panic, and all that seems to have happened in the 9 years that we have been here is that it is more run down than ever, and filled with a load of ‘stuff’ that gets in the way and stresses me out, and I don’t even like.

I have potentially another 13 years minimum with at least one of the children living at home, although in all likelihood it will be quite a bit longer than that. And I have another 16 years left paying the mortgage. For a house that I don’t really like. At the end of which I have to sell said house anyway to pay off the ex husband. And I probably won’t have enough money left at that point to start all over again. Besides which I will be almost 60!!! So the answer to me becomes increasingly obvious. A smaller house. A tiny house in fact. But with more land so that I can be more self-sufficient, growing more of my own food, whether vegetables and fruit, or animal. So that we can all spend more time outdoors. And where I can start to be less reliant on the big expensive, environmentally damaging utility companies, providing my own renewable clean sources of heat and light and power, and utilising my own water supply. And I am hoping that this blog will document my thought processes and my journey. See, I said that I dream big 😀 x


4 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. Heehee I like the analogy!! I shall be following your blog with avid interest. So nice to see a fellow Brit blogging. And thank you for the good luck wish x

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      1. There are plenty of Brit bloggers out there, all beavering away on allotments, greenhouses and gardens. Plenty of experience and knowledge out there, they certainly are an inspiration to me!


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