Living Tiny

Getting Started…

That’s the tricky bit for me….how to start. Where to start. When to start?

The-Best-Way-resizedEasy answer is start right now. Start at the beginning. And slowly, and in as organised fashion as possible. So many things are filling my head at the moment, and it is such a jumble, so getting them down on paper is always a good thing to do for me. I like lists. To do lists. Places to go lists. Lists of ideas. Just lists. I think it helps me to get things clearer in my own mind. And there is so much information out there, and I have so many ideas, that if all I do is investigate and learn I am in danger of not actually getting much done.

I have actually made 2 pretty big and concrete decisions in the last 48 hours whilst thinking about things.

Firstly, I am going to go on some course. Try my hand at some different things, get some real hands on experience. And go to some seminars, and specialist events which are pertinent. This bit is tricky as my free time as a single mum to 2 little people is pretty limited. So being a ‘list’ person, I have started to draw up a list of events and courses that are happening this year. You can see these onΒ Events and Useful Links. This also contains links to some sources of useful information, blogs that I like, and websites.

The second decision, and probably the biggest one, is to try our hand at caravanning. A small amount of research already shows that I will be pretty limited on what I can tow as my car is really heavy, but a small 2/3 berth caravan would probably accommodate us well, give us a good insight into ‘tiny living’, and also fit on my tiddly little drive.

And so, it begins πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Getting Started…

  1. List … eek, a four letter word! I am not much of a list person – more of a jump in with both feet and see where it goes kinda guy. Then again I am also a “hmmm in hindsight that would have gone better if I had planned it” kinda guy.

    So yeah, thinking about it, maybe lists are a good idea!


    1. My problem is I have lists of lists! Only any good if I actually do something about them….
      I just have so many balls up in the air, and so much going on in my head that I find it helps me figure out where to focus.


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