Living Tiny

Tough Decisions

So I know that this may sound like a luxury for someone who wants to live a simpler life, but at the moment I have 2 cars.

My beloved blue Beetle which I have had for about 6 years, and love driving, feels like it will keep going for ever, but is heavy on the fuel, tax, and is only 3 door, so getting boys and dogs in is tricky, and the thought of using it for a holiday makes my mind boggle as to where we would put anything!

My Scenic, or Shed, as it’s less affectionately known, I bought in a panic when I found
myself on my own with 2 young children and an impractical 3 door beetle. It was an absolute bargain at the time, has had a few problems, but has heaps of space for everybody and more, is very versatile with seats that fold here there and everywhere, has brilliant boot space for tents, sleeping bags etc, and is even great on fuel.

Between the 2 cars they are only worth at Tough_decisions_aheadmost £2k, my beloved beetle being the most ‘valuable’ in both physical and sentimental terms. But the problem is that I don’t really need 2 cars. 2 cars means 2 lots of running costs, insurance etc. And with the Shed currently sitting idle after failing its MOT, I have to decide whether to sort it out, or whether to write it off. And I know deep down that I really ought to keep the more practical car. But my heart says Beetlebug should stay. Whoever said that simplifying life was easy was lying!!


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