Super little ray of sunshine

I’ve had a bit of a sucker of a week this week, with just bill after bill after bill popping up. Nothing seems to be going right, everything seems to be breaking. And a paper round that is working out at around £3 an hour, has left me achy and grumpy.

But then this little beaut arrived in the post. Perfect timing to brighten up my day and week. My first step off the grid

This little gem is both solar powered, and can be wound up. Its an FM and AM radio, has USB ports to use to charge things like phones, and is even a lovely bright LED torch! Love love love it!!


3 thoughts on “Super little ray of sunshine

  1. Seriously though, that looks like a very useful bit of kit. Sometimes a new toy is just what’s needed to distract from the cack that the world throws our way!


  2. Heehee, I doubt it! But if it could do the dishes for me then that would be fabulous 🙂
    I don’t really do gadgets but I was definitely missing music in the downstairs of the house.


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