Living Tiny

The Simple Things, and Making a Start

As a single mum I have relatively little time with my eldest son, as his 3 year old brother is almost always around. So once a fortnight me and Big do ‘date night’ when we try and do something quality together. We have done varying things in the past, from bowling, to going to the beach, walking the dog in the woods, and his favourite, cuddling up in bed together and watching something on the laptop.

I wanted to start to introduce him gently to some of the more fun aspects of off-grid living, and one of the areas that I have been keen to start investigating is alternative methods of cooking. I have looked briefly into solar ovens, and rocket stoves,but thought I would start out gently with something that I have never quite mastered. Starting a fire.

So this evening we made a little bonfire together in an old fire dog that we had, in the garden, with bits we had been clearing of dead garden. And we toasted marshmallows. Bliss.

Now I know that we cannot survive on marshmallows alone, and that the recent dry weather has made this possible this evening. But we both felt such a warm glow (no pun intended) of contentment, that I feel more and more that this is the right way for us to live.


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