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Hello Strangers….

Well, I really can’t believe it has been a month since my last post on here! A lot has
happened and a lot hasn’t happened, as is always the way in life.

So, what have I been up to? Well, mostly just keeping on top of day-to-day life, or rather, trying. It has been a pretty tiring month, with Easter holidays falling in the middle. I will be the first to admit that I found it very hard this time, the weather was awful, and my boys really needed a lot of attention, far more than usual. But it was quality time I got to spend with them, so it had its pluses. It did leave me way too tired to attend the Self-Build show in Birmingham which I was really really looking forward to. There were a lot of hello_hello_hello__12363.1377542442.500.659great exhibitors, and loads and loads of seminars. It would have been incredibly valuable, but I just couldn’t face the 3 hour drive up there, being blasted with wonderful information for 10 hours and then driving 3 hours home again. Maybe next year. Definitely next year.

Positive things that have happened in the last month, and are still happening. Firstly my eldest has his first rabbit. It was a reward that he chose for doing something incredibly grown up, very very emotionally difficult for him, and very personal to him. I was sure that he would want some new electronic game or other, so I was very proud of him when he talked to me about having a rabbit instead. Said bunny is an English spot, very handsome little chap, and now goes by the name of Kasper. Or nutter. Or oi! But he is very lovely and it has been good for both of the boys to learn more about keeping animals and caring for them.

The garden is work in progress, with seed sowing well under way, more on that in another post I’m sure. I have also started my own compost bin, also another blog post. I have started researching and learning more about specific things and ideas that I have, and again, more to come in further blog posts.

I have also made some changes in my personal life. I am trying to eat better, not ‘dieting’, but becoming more aware of the food that is going into my body. And I am feeling a lot better for it. I am pushing myself more. I don’t have very much confidence, but I am trying to not shy away from situations that may be a little difficult, but hugely rewarding, ie camping with the boys. I am also minimising the amount of time I spend on social media, and ‘surfing’ the net. I am trying to read more instead, and use my time more productively. So with that, it’s time for me to sign off, and go and read some more 😀


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