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Wild Garlic Hummus

A few days ago I posted a photo of some wild garlic that I had picked whilst out walking one day. Well I have been very busy over the last few days making good use of my harvest. The first thing that I made was wild garlic hummus. This was my first attempt and wasn’t half bad!

240g chickpeas – I used dried ones, but they are a lot of work, tinned is fine
Juice of a lemon
3 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp tahini paste
3 tbsp water
20g wild garlic
Zest of lemon (optional)

Blitz all of the ingredients in a food processor until you reach a nice smooth consistency.

One of the great things about hummus is that you can flavour it with all sorts of different things, on my list to try is chill and red pepper (both of which I am growing at the moment), and broad bean and mint (again these will be home grown). For me I would add a bit of extra lemon next time, and would cut back on the tahini. We have ours with breadsticks, and chopped crudites, but again you can do allsorts, spread on bread, crackers, or just scoop it out of the bowl πŸ˜€


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