Living Tiny

Practice Runs

I must admit I felt a mixture of both excitement and anxiety at the prospect. Anxiety because we couldn’t take lots of “stuff” and what would we do if the weather was bad?? What would we eat? How would I cook it?!?!
But I was also excited to try out the small space, and see how we managed, and of course it would be a great opportunity to get away from the tech for a few days.

As it was, the boys took it all in their stride, including the exciting sleeping arrangements and the random weather. They don’t mind wind and rain if they are running around on a hillside somewhere discussing where to build dens, or some master-

plan to take over the world when they move out (they are only 11 and 4 so this is some way off, although I guess its never too early to plan global domination?). In the end none of us wanted to come home, but I did come away having learnt some important lessons

  • We don’t need lots of “stuff”
  • I don’t need to plan things in minute details
  • Tidy up, put away and clean as you go
  • Clever storage is key in small spaces
  • Multi functional items are great, sinks that fold down, seats that convert to beds etc

In another couple of weeks I have been lucky enough to find a little shepherds hut that will be ready to be rented out for the first time, so that will be even more exciting as that will be off-grid. We have stayed in a shepherds hut for a few days last year, which again the boys loved, but this one is not finished yet, so a bit more unknown! Can’t wait to give it a go though 🙂


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