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A Week, Just Me

Yesterday saw the return of Big and Small, and the end of my first week without them for an entire year. They were away with their dad, so I wanted to take advantage of the time to do a mountain of things that needed tackling.

  1.  I was going to start to advertise my beloved Beetle this week, and the other car was booked in for MOT and sorting out the fuel pipes. Sadly even after jump starting it with the Beetle it still failed to show any signs of life, so a bit of a rethink required there.
  2. At the beginning of the week I set myself the challenge of eating for the whole week for a tenner. I wanted it to be a challenge, and it most certainly was. I have already posted some of the recipes that I used on my other blog, and I thought I did pretty well, but I came in at £12.70 for just me for the week, plus a bottle of milk at £1, and a bottle of fizzy water at 40p. I hadn’t really realised quite how much food was costing, especially fresh produce. It was really saddening and disappointing for me to realise that processed food was so much cheaper than fresh and homemade. It has really spurred me on to get the garden sorted so that I can make the effort next yea172028-The-Future-Is-Brightr to grow far more than I have this year, which was only really herbs.
  3. In the boys’ absence this week I have managed to have a good clear out. I sent a large bin liner off to charity, and sold 3 bin liners worth of old things in various places, including a car boot sale, so on top of clearing space it also provided some much needed pennies for the piggy bank.
  4. I wanted to take some time to look after myself and to think about where I am headed with things as I feel like I have lost my direction a bit. Well, a lot. I whiled away a few hours reading various books and magazines, browsing articles on Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. I started to feel that spark of excitement again at the prospect of all the things that I could do.

Overall, a slightly frustrating, but enlightening and re-invigorating week. Here’s to the future. May it be Tiny 😀




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