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All Is Well

We are now 3 weeks on from putting the house on the market. So far there have been 12 viewings, two offers, one second viewing in the offing, and numerous occasions where everything in sight has been rammed into the nearest cupboard as the estate agent calls with yet another viewing, and we have had to vacate the house for a few hours. Now that the Easter holidays have finished here everything has seriously quietened down, and I have felt very odd. It has been quite refreshing. The house is in the best condition it has been for a very very very long time. It has been manic and it sort of came at the worst time when I had both boys at home full time, and I am actually glad of a break from it all. No viewings arranged. No change in my circumstances. No progress. I felt very in limbo this last week, like I can’t move on yet, as I don’t know when or where I will be moving on to. I was also starting to panic that the house is just not sellable. And in my own mind I have had trouble figuring out what to do next.

So I decided to just carry on as best as I could and start some new projects to keep busy. A skirt that I AllWillBeWellCoasterhad been thinking of for ages to re-use in some way. A jumper that I had started making in the depths of winter and had only really progressed a few rows. A pair of trousers that needed taking out and letting down. And a big pile of things which needed to be sold or disposed of. Just as I got all of this out at once to do (I rarely do one thing at a time!!) the phone rang. And BOOM. Another offer. A really good offer, although not at the full price, but one that I would be foolish to turn down. So subject of course to things going smoothly from here on in, we are on the move!!!!!!!!! Exciting times, and of course I will keep you all posted on progress. On the house move. And of course on that big pile of projects 😀


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