Living Tiny

Full Circle….

Less than a week after my last blog post and I’ve come full circle. The house sale fell through as the purchasers were unable to finance the house until August.

I felt all sorts of emotions, mostly not good. Disappointment that it did not happen. Frustration that the couple who wanted to buy weren’t actually in a position to proceed, as they had said they were. Worry that it will still not sell. Stressed that I had to go through the whole viewing process again and tidying and scurrying around. A little bit relieved in a strange sort of way, as I was starting to panic as the places that I had been looking at which were on the market had already been taken. A little bit relieved that I had more time to think about priorities. A bit more encouraged to continue on the declutter.

So we continued with marketing. Booking in the viewings and the constant tidying started again, even though I was very disheartened about it all. But lo and behold, I received and accepted an offer from the very next viewing!!! I don’t know why, whether it was just tiredness or the worry about it all, or both or neither, but I cried for ages. I’m trying really hard not to overthink things this time, and if it all goes well, then great, and if not, then I will deal with it. And this weekend I need to take care of the most important bit in all of this – me x



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