Living Tiny


Two weeks on from my last post, and things seem to be progressing well with the sale of the house. The buyers have come and visited again to measure up for a new bathroom and a new kitchen to be fitted, a survey has been done already, and they are chasing lots of documents, which is a sign that they are very keen. I have given everything that I can to my solicitor for the conveyancing to be done. So things appear to be running along smoothly and as they should. The big questions that are worrying me at the moment, neither of which I have an answer to are “When will we have to move out?” and “Where will we move to?????”.

For those of you who have followed the blog you may well realise that I like to know in advance what is happening, and when. I don’t cope well with the unknown. Which is exactly where I am at the moment, the complete unknown. House selling in this country can take anything from 6 weeks to 4 or 5 months, so there is potentially a big difference in timescales. I spent the whole of last week pretty much paralysed by panic. Whenever I tried to think about what to do first, I was so completely overwhelmed by everything that needed to be done, that I ended up doing absolutely nothing.

And then I realised that the key thing is that we are actually moving. I know that sounds obvious, but we do actually have to move somewhere else when the sale on this house completes, and that is the one sure thing at the moment. We have to get all of our stuff out of the house, whether that is moving into a new place, or storage, or wherever we put 64827_7660165_IMG_03_0000_max_476x317it, we do need to move it. So that is the obvious place to start.

Every week over the next ten weeks I am going to focus on one area of the house, and clear it. Declutter it, throw away the rubbish, sell anything that I can, donate anything else, but get it all out. After all I don’t want to be moving things that I don’t need to, and whatever else may happen we will be moving to a much smaller home, with a lot less space than this one.


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